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Enviro Tablets™ Urinal Tablets are the complete environmental answer to all the problems associated with commercial urinals.
They reduce the need to manually clean them out. They prevent the inevitable urea blockages that occur and remove the bad smells, especially urine. The products are dispensed exactly the same as conventional urinal blocks. They come with an attractive fragrance.
Each tablet is effective for up to 2-3 times longer than a standard urinal block (with normal usage). They can be used in normal urinals and waterless urinals, extending filter life.They enable automatic urinal flushing to be dramatically reduced. They work every time that the urinal is used or flushed.
Neutralises all bad smells (even urine) Image of urinals
Clears Urea deposits and deep cleans the urinal
Digests organic wastes and eliminates blockages
Prevents acid corrosion which prolongs pipe life
Environmentally safe and friendly
Reduces water use
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